Adding Affiliate Borrowers

The affiliate borrower application must be submitted in person at the library front desk. Blank copies of the application are available in the file drawer of the front desk and in the User Services folder on the S: drive (S:\User Services\Circulation\Patrons\Affiliate Borrowers\Application\Affiliate Application.docx). Place the completed application form in Emily’s inbox once you are finished creating the patron record.

Information about the different groups of people eligible for affiliate borrower accounts can be found on the Visitors page of the library website, under “Borrowing Privileges at NU”:

The library account must be in the name of the qualified borrower. Spouses, family members, and other individuals authorized to use the account should be listed as proxy borrowers.

Verifying the Patron’s Credentials

NU Alumni

Pastors and Missionaries

AGTS (Assemblies of God Theological Seminary)

Issuing a Library Card

Every affiliate borrower should be issued an NU Library affiliate borrower card.  These cards have the NU Library logo and numbers in the format: A000001234.  Have the patron print (not sign) their full name on the card.

In the past, other forms of identification could be used (NC Library cards, student ID cards, cards from other institutions, etc.).  Affiliate borrowers with these older forms of identification should be issued an NU Library card the next time they come in to the library.  When you issue the new card you will need to update the patron record in the WMS Admin module and scan the new card number into the Barcode field.

Creating the Patron Record

After verifying that the patron’s application is complete, you may create a new patron account for them in WMS.

From the Circulation module, verify that the patron does not already have an account in WMS (this is especially important for NU Alumni). If an account already exists for the patron, update their patron type, address, telephone, email, and expiration date accordingly.

Once you confirm that there is no existing record, click the Create New Patron button.

Create New Patron

Fill in the patron’s information. Make sure to choose Affiliate for patron type, and select the proper expiration date.

NU Alumni, Pastors, Missionaries – Set the expiration date for the end of the month, two years in the future.

AGTS – Ask the patron when their current term (quarter, semester, or trimester) is over. Set the expiration date for the end of that month.

Community Borrowers – Set the expiration date for the end of the month, one year in the future.

Patron Information

After the patron record has been created, go into the Profile section and add a Staff Note indicating what type of affiliate borrower the patron is. If the patron is a pastor or missionary, specify what institution they are affiliated with.

Staff Note - Affiliate Borrower

Updating Patron Information

Pastors and missionaries receive unlimited account renewals. When one of these patrons contacts the library to renew an expired library account, please verify their church/missions board affiliation and update their account information if necessary.

If the patron no longer has a church or missions board affiliation, see if they qualify for a free library account under another category. If they do not, they will be classified as a Community Borrower and will need to pay the $40/year fee.