Christa Strickler

Due to occasional problems with WMS, sometimes when you try to check out an item or place it on hold for a patron, the system will not recognize the barcode, so a Create Temporary Item window will appear:

Temporary Item 2

Please include as much identifying information as you can in the following fields:

At the bottom of the window, choose whether you want to check out the item, place it on hold, or just create a temporary record without doing anything else to it.

When you are done, your Temporary Item window will look something like this:

Temporary Item

Select Create Item, and then you have created a temporary item.

When that is done, please e-mail the title, author, and barcode info to the Technical Services Librarian to figure out the problem.


One of WMS’s many quirks is that when you are looking at our holdings for a record that has several items, it does not automatically show the individual items. The Locker Key record is a good example of this.

Locker key holdings 1

To get around this, you need to click on the copy line, which will then display the items in barcode order (not in item order, which would actually make sense):

Locker key holdings 2