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Media Equipment Check-outs

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Check-out Procedure

Media Equipment Policy

  1. Locate the Media Equipment binder in the bottom drawer of the Front Desk.  If the student is uncertain what they are looking for they may use the binder to browse available equipment.
  2. Check out the item using the barcode in the binder.  A student ID is required to check out equipment.  Verify that the due date reflects a 3-day checkout period.
  3. Get the equipment from the storage closet in the staff area.
  4. Verify that all pieces are present and accounted for using the binder inventory.
  5. Inform the student of the following:
    1. All pieces must be returned at the same time.
    2. Lost items will be charged to their student account at actual replacement cost.
    3. Overdue fines are $2 per hour.
    4. Return items to the front desk, not the book drop.
    5. A copy of the inventory is included with the Panasonic DVX, Canon Mini DV, Go Pro Camera Kit, Lowel Light Kit, and the Audio-Technica Wireless Mic.

Check-in Procedure

  1. Inform the student that we will inventory items to make sure everything is returned.
  2. Ask if anything needs to be replaced (Mini DV tapes, SD Cards, damaged items, etc.).
  3. Inventory items using the Media Equipment binder.
  4. Communicate with Clayton and Dorothy if items are missing or damaged.