Library staff (including student assistants) should not disclose the location or presence of a student in the library.

If someone asks about the location or presence of a particular student, please let that person know that you are unable to confirm whether that student is present in the library, and that you cannot search the library for them.

The CAPS sections of the Old Testament History and Literature class (BIBL 1103) have a question on their final exam that we frequently get questions about. The question is:

How has archeological study of Biblical lands confirmed the veracity of Scriptures and enhanced their study?

Students may give you the question verbatim, or paraphrase it into something that mentions archaeology, the Bible, and/or truth. Make sure to do a reference interview and verify that the student is working on the final exam question above.

The instructions for the final are as follows:

This final assignment requires that you answer the following questions. Remember to utilize and properly cite at least two journals from Northwest University’s online library resources. You must cite two Northwest Library online academic journals to receive a full “A” on the final.

The syllabus encourages students to use the ATLA database to find sources for the final exam, but we may still get questions from students who did not read the directions carefully and/or who are very unfamiliar with the library website.

For this assignment, the Religion article search (main search box –> Subjects tab –> Religion) or the ATLA database are both good resources for the students to use. A good search statement to suggest is:

“old testament” AND archaeolog* AND evidence 

Explain to the student that putting the quotation marks around “Old Testament” will search for it as an exact phrase, and putting the asterisk after archaeolog* will search for not just “archaeology” but “archaeological” as well.

Also, students may not know the difference between journals and articles, so you might have to explain that the search results they get are individual articles within issues of various Bible/religion journals.

Another question on the final that library staff have been asked for help with is:

Discuss the importance of God’s lovingkindness (Hebrew: “chesed”, translated “love” in NIV) as it relates to the covenant. (Ex 34:6; Nu 14:18; Ps 86:5; Joel 2:13 & Jon 4:2 may warm up your thinking)

ATLA transliterates the Hebrew word as hesed (not “chesed”), so let the student know that doing a keyword search for hesed should give them some useful results.

If the students need further help, have them contact Clayton (clayton.visker@northwestu.edu).

When a patron claims they have returned a book but the system shows the item as checked out:

  1. Check the shelf and the reshelving area.
  2. Renew the item (overriding if necessary) and ask the patron to make a thorough search for the item).
  3. Create a new entry in the Missing List and add a note saying that the item is “claims returned.”  Include the patron’s name and the date and put the patron’s email in the “Email to notify” field.
  4. Add a staff note to the patron record in WMS indicating that the patron had a “claims returned” and the name and barcode of the item.
  5. Waive any fines/fees associated with the patron’s first claim.
  6. If the item is located remove the “claims returned” note from WMS.

Note that we do not use the built-in “Claims Returned” functionality provided by WMS.

CELE Camp students, international students from Mexico, are on campus for one month at a time. No provision was made for these students to have library privileges, however, several students have expressed interest in borrowing books. As a workaround we have created a special patron record with a barcode of “celecamp” that you can use to check out books to CELE Camp students. Students are limited to one book at a time. In order to track who has which book, please create a staff note for each checkout that contains the item barcode and the student’s name.

Sometimes chat patrons enter their email addresses incorrectly, which causes us to receive “message undeliverable” emails in the library inbox. Here’s what to do if a chat patron puts in an incorrect email address:

1. Try to figure out what their email address actually is. If they’ve just made a typo, it shouldn’t be too hard, but you might have to look them up in WMS. If they’ve just entered gibberish or something, there’s not really anything we can do, so you can skip to step #9.

2. Go into QuestionPoint and find the chat session. You can access the Question Lists on the page you get when you first log in to QuestionPoint, in the top left side of the page. If it’s a question that you answered, click on the “Active” link under My Questions. Otherwise, click on the “Active” link under Question Lists.

QP Question Lists

3. Click on the chat question you need to edit.

4. Click on the “Change Patron E-mail” button near the top of the page.

QP - Change Patron Email

5. Enter (and then re-enter) the correct email address.

6. Next to “Old Question,” choose Close Question. This will archive the original chat session.

QP - Edit Email Form

7. Click the “Change Patron E-mail” button again to confirm the changes.

8. QuestionPoint does not automatically send a message or the chat transcript to the patron when you change the email address. If the patron’s question was fully answered during the chat session and there weren’t a lot of instructions and/or links that they might need to refer to, don’t worry about it. But if you do need to send the transcript or follow up, send a message to the patron by going into the corrected chat transcript and using the “Answer” function. The chat transcript will be automatically attached to your message.

9. After you’re done making changes in QuestionPoint, you can just delete the “message undeliverable” emails in the library inbox.

Sending Faxes

  1. Create a new email from the library@northwestu.edu account.
  2. Address it to your recipient’s fax number, followed by “@myfax.com.”
  3. Always include the country code even when faxing within the country. (Note: The US country code is “1”)
  4. Attach the documents you want to fax.
  5. Click send. You’ll receive an email confirming your fax has been sent. Confirmations may take several minutes to arrive, so it may be best to have the patron leave their email address.


To check a student’s printing account to see information like their printing balance and history, you can use the “Add Printing” module (now called “My Printing Administration”): http://eagle.northwestu.edu/my-printing/admin/students/.

First, log in using the library@northwestu.edu account if you haven’t already.

Type in the student’s ID number (or their name if they can’t remember their number) and then click the Continue button.

You will see the student’s current printing balance on the next page. To view their full printing account and history, click the View Printing History button.

The students in Eric Steinkamp’s Environmental Science class (and possibly his other classes – I’m not sure) are required to use the Data Analysis function in Excel for their homework assignments. This requires the Analysis ToolPak, and the computers that have Excel 2013 installed do not have the Analysis ToolPak activated.

We have requested that IT activate the Analysis ToolPak on all the campus computers that have Excel 2013, but they said there is currently no way to do that.

In the meantime, you can activate the Analysis ToolPak on individual computers by following the instructions on this page: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel-help/use-the-analysis-toolpak-to-perform-complex-data-analysis-HA102748996.aspx.

Follow the steps under “Load and activate the Analysis ToolPak.”

Bike racks are located outside of the Guy/Perks/Crowder Residence Halls as well as Gray-Beatty Residence Hall.

Students are responsible for providing their own locks.

More information can be found in the Student Community Handbook, under Bicycles: http://eagle.northwestu.edu/departments/student-handbook/campus-life/.

Contact Student Development if you can’t find the information you need.

Check-out Procedure

Media Equipment Policy

  1. Locate the Media Equipment binder in the bottom drawer of the Front Desk.  If the student is uncertain what they are looking for they may use the binder to browse available equipment.
  2. Check out the item using the barcode in the binder.  A student ID is required to check out equipment.  Verify that the due date reflects a 3-day checkout period.
  3. Get the equipment from the shelves across from the storage closet in the staff area.
  4. Verify that all pieces are present and accounted for using the binder inventory.
  5. Inform the student of the following:
    1. All pieces must be returned at the same time.
    2. Lost items will be charged to their student account at actual replacement cost.
    3. Overdue fines are $2 per day.
    4. Return items to the front desk, not the book drop.


  1. Holds may be placed on media equipment, but students must request the hold through a library staff person.
  2. Holds can only be placed at the item level (rather than the “title” level). This is mostly applicable to the Canon Rebels — the hold must be placed on a specific camera. Look at the due dates for the cameras and place the hold on the one with the closest due date.
  3. Holds expire after 3 days.
  4. Holds should not be advertised; however, if a student asks about the possibility, feel free to let them know.


  1. Media equipment may be renewed, either by the student or by library staff, following standard borrowing policy for 3-day Reserves.
  2. Renewals are not allowed on items with pending holds.
  3. Renewals should not be advertised; however, if a student asks about the possibility, feel free to let them know.

Check-in Procedure

  1. Inform the student that we will inventory items to make sure everything is returned.
  2. Ask if anything needs to be replaced (Mini DV tapes, SD Cards, damaged items, etc.).
  3. Inventory items using the Media Equipment binder while the student is still present.
  4. Communicate with Clayton and Dorothy if items are missing or damaged.