EasyBib Premium is free for Northwest University students. EasyBib is a citation and research management tool that allows users to generate citations, create bibliographies, take organized notes and create outlines on a web-based platform.

EasyBib Premium supports citations for 59 source types in APA, MLA and Chicago/Turabian, as well as 6 new citation styles: AMA, ASA, Harvard, Chicago Author-Date, CSE, and ACS.

Account Setup

To access EasyBib Premium features, you must first register for a free EasyBib account. Account registration must be completed while on campus, or by accessing EasyBib through the library website.

Once you have set up your account, you may log in from anywhere to access the EasyBib Premium features.


For many types of sources, including books and journal articles, EasyBib allows you to search for a source by title (or another part of its information). If the source can be found in EasyBib’s internal database, the citation information will be automatically filled in for you.

Almost any book can be cited in this way; however, sometimes articles will not be found. If a source cannot be found, you can enter the citation information manually. Also, most of the library’s databases allow you to export citation information, which can then be uploaded to EasyBib. See the instructions below for more information on exporting and importing citations.

General autocite instructions

Importing Citations

Citation information for sources found in most of the library’s databases can be imported into EasyBib.

The links below are for video tutorials demonstrating how to import citation information for each database company. Information for direct export is included where available.

NU Search

Sources found when using the main search box can be directly exported to EasyBib. From the search results page, click on the title of the source you want to cite. Then click the Cite/Export link near the top of the page and choose the Export to EasyBib link.


Direct export from EBSCO databases is now available. From the search results page, click on the Export to EasyBib link underneath the article you would like to cite.


Direct export from ProQuest databases is now available. From the search results page, click the check box next to source(s) you would like to cite. Then click the Export/Save link on the right side of the page (between the search box and the search results). Use the drop-down menu next to “Output to:” and select EasyBib.


Direct export from Gale databases is now available. Click on the Citation Tools link, then the EasyBib button.

Google Scholar

More EasyBib Help

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