Faculty Resources and Services

Finding Books and Articles

Making Items Available

  • Course reserves allow you set aside print books for the use of your class.
  • Permalinks allow you to link directly from your Discovery or Online class page to EBooks and EArticles from the library.
  • Copyright laws – Uncertain about what materials you can legally place on Discovery or the Online Learning Management Systems?  The Library Director can help with common copyright questions (adam.epp@northwestu.edu).

Help Students Use the Library

  • Place a link to the appropriate research guide in your Discovery or Online course.
  • Library Instruction. – if you are teaching a class that contains a library research component you may wish to have a librarian speak to the class.
  • The NU Library provides resources to help students evaluate sources of information, whether or not library resources are required for their assignments. Two methods of source evaluation available on the library website are The 5 Ws and the CARP Test.
  • Mention or require certain resources be used. Educate your students about the most important academic research resources in their field.
  • Invite a librarian to talk to your class.
  • Not sure what is available in your subject area? We will meet with you one-on-one.
  • Review your assignments. Make sure they can be completed with the available resources.
  • If you are directing students to the library for a specific resource, make sure to place it on reserve.
  • Verify with the library that any eBooks you mention are licensed for multiple simultaneous users.
  • Require the use of library resources in your assignments and specify databases by name.
  • Update your course bibliography and send it to the library.