MUSI 3432

MUSI 3432: Hymnody


The best website about hymns is It allows you to search by the hymn text, tune, composer, topic, and scripture reference. The page for each hymn usually contains the hymn’s complete text along with information on the composer, author, scripture references, tune, and more. It is more comprehensive and reliable than Wikipedia.


There are a few ways you can find books on the hymn you are studying.

  1. Go to the library website and search for your hymn in quotes like this: “Crown him with many crowns.” When the results list comes up, you can limit it to books so you don’t get CDs or sheet music.
  2. Search the library website for all books about hymns: Hymns, English–History and criticism. This will help you find both print books and e-books.
  3. Browse the shelves. The books on hymns are located in two places: 264.23 and 782.27 . You can browse through the book’s table of contents and index to see if the hymn you’re studying is in it.

If you want to find a hymnal, you can browse the shelves at 782.527 or do a search for the hymnal you want on the library website.