Printing Balance

Students can purchase printing in 125-page ($5.00) increments.

Pages can be added using your student account or in cash at the library front desk. The Cashier’s Office accepts credit cards ($10 minimum).

Selecting a Printer

Before you print, select the name of the printer you would like:

Printing from a Laptop

To print from a laptop go to the Print Kiosks page and sign in using your NU email address and password. Click “Web Print” in the left-hand menu and then “Submit a Job.” You may print to either the Library Student Copier, Library 2nd Floor Laser, Library 3rd Floor Laser, or any of a number of printers located around campus.

Printing Costs

Students are charged as follows for printing and copies made via their printing balance. Guests paying with cash are charged 5 cents per page as defined below.