Printing on Non-Standard Paper Sizes

Follow the steps below if someone wants to print on a non-standard size of paper (i.e., something that cannot be auto-detected by the printer). NOTE: You should not need to do this for A3, A4, or other international standard sizes.

  1. Place the paper in the bypass tray.
  2. Log in to the Library Student Copier (it doesn’t matter who you log in as).
  3. Go into the Copy module.
  4. Tap the “Paper” icon.
  5. Select the bypass tray.
  6. Tap the “Change Tray Setting” icon.
  7. Choose the “Custom Size” option. (Note: this option cannot be selected unless the paper is in the bypass tray.)
  8. Place the paper on the glass and take its measurements, then put the paper back in the bypass tray.
  9. Enter the measurements. (Make sure you know which side is X and which side is Y.)
  10. Tap OK to save the measurements, then close all of the open windows.
  11. Log off.

Before sending the document to the printer, ensure that the paper size set on the computer matches the measurements entered for the bypass tray.

The paper tray does not need to be selected in Printer Properties. Library Student Copier will automatically detect that the bypass tray needs to be used for the custom-sized document.