Bibliography Tools


EasyBib Premium is free for NU students. EasyBib is an automatic bibliography composer. When you have sources you need to cite properly for your research paper, EasyBib will help you format your sources quickly and accurately. Millions of students a month use EasyBib to cite sources for their papers.

EasyBib also has an iPhone app.

To cite items found through the library website, see the instructions below:

1. Find the item you want to cite

Find the item you want to cite, then navigate to the detailed record screen for the item and click the Cite/Export link.

Note that library databases vary somewhat in the placement of the Cite/Export link.

2. Copy or Export Your Citation

From the Cite/Export screen you have two options:

3. Review Citations for Accuracy

Always review automatically generated citations for accuracy using the appropriate style manual or the APA, MLA and Turabian quick guides.

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