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There are 44 computers located throughout the library. The H-214 computer lab on the main floor of the library is open 24/7 and has 24 computers. You can save your work to your desktop or My Documents folder. After you log off, documents saved on the desktop or in the My Documents folder will be available on all computers in the library and campus computer labs.


Computers have Microsoft Office installed. SPSS is installed on the computers in the library, but not in the H-214 computer lab. Security settings do not allow patrons or library staff to install software.

Login Information

Almost all NU services use your NU email address and password as a login. When you change your password for any of these services you change it for all of them. If you have problems logging in to your account, contact the IS department at


Wireless access is available throughout the library. Instructions are available here.

Printing & Copying

Students can purchase printing in 125-page ($5.00) increments.

Before you print, select the name of the printer you would like:

Printing from a Laptop

To print from a laptop go to the Print Kiosks page and sign in using your NU email address and password. Click “Web Print” in the left-hand menu and then “Submit a Job.” You may print to either the Library Student Copier or any of a number of printers located around campus.

Printing Costs

Students are charged as follows for printing and copies made via their printing balance. Guests paying with cash are charged 5 cents per page as defined below.


The copy machine can scan to email. The process is not very intuitive, so don’t hesitate to ask for help.


A fax machine is located in the print room to the left of the main staircase on the ground floor. The library fax number is 425-889-7801. If you have a fax sent to the library please include a fax coversheet with your email address so we can forward the fax to you.