Curriculum Collection

Mission Statement

The mission of the Teacher Education Curriculum Library is to support current students preparing to be educators in K – 12 schools by providing access to up-to-date, quality educational resources.


Primary users of the Teacher Education Curriculum Library will be NU students preparing to teach in a K-12 setting and faculty in the School of Education.  Primary users will be given priority over other patrons who are involved in teaching activities.  During non-class sessions, materials may be loaned to Community Borrowers and Interlibrary Loan patrons at the discretion of the Library Staff.


Education majors will be able to evaluate and use K-12 curriculum material from a variety of publishers in endorsement subject areas.  Additional instruction materials will be selected as a sample of supplemental resources. Christian School curriculum will also be included.


The following will be included in the collection:


School of Education faculty and students and the library liaison to the School of Education will select items for purchase.  Selection will be based on: curriculum sets used by students in their teaching classrooms, need to update or replace existing curriculum sets, or new materials that fall within the scope of the Curriculum Library.


The School of Education is evaluated by the Washington Department of Public Instruction and the Teacher Education Curriculum Library is a part of this review.
Documentation for this visit will be prepared as needed.  General evaluation of the collection will be on a continual basis with assistance from the School of Education faculty.

Maintenance and Weeding

Weeding will be done on a regular basis based on date and subject areas as well as content and condition.  The following schedule is recommended:

Science & History – 5 years

Health, Language Arts & Reading – 10 years


Items removed from the collection will be disposed of in appropriate ways including donation to educational institutions, to students and those doing home schooling or sold at the library book sale.

This policy is based on the ALA publication: Guidelines for Curriculum Materials Centers, 2003