EBSCO folders

Why do I need to save my folder contents?

On December 15, 2018 your current EBSCO folders will no longer be available. The library is switching to a new sign-on system. With the new system, EBSCO folders will use your regular NU login, and no longer require a separate login. This will make things easier for you in the long run, but any items currently saved in your EBSCO folders will not be accessible through the new sign-on.

If you do NOT have any research saved in EBSCO folders, no action is needed.

How do I save my research?

1. Log in to EBSCO

You can start from any EBSCO database or login here

2. Save to file(s)

In each folder you want to save, click “Save” on the right hand side


3. Check save options

The default options should save HTML full text if available, and permalinks to your articles. Adjust the options as needed and click “Save”.

4. Save the generated page – right click and select “Save As”

You will see a page with all your article information. Instructions at the top of the page will give you details on how to save this page from your browser.