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Study Room Policy

Study Rooms

There are three large study rooms and four small study rooms on the upper floor of the library.  Large study rooms are for groups of 2-6 only, not individual use.  Small study rooms are for 1-2 persons only.

The upper level of the library is designated as a Quiet area. Conversation-level noise is permitted in the study rooms with the door closed.

Tidy the room when you are done: log off from the computer, erase the whiteboard, do not leave garbage or library materials behind, return furniture to its original position.


Reservations are recommended; unoccupied rooms may be used on a first-come-first-served basis, but reservations have priority.  Reservations may be made online.

Reservations can be made for a maximum of two hours, daily. Faculty and staff who need reserved space for more than two hours should contact the library directly for possible accommodations.

Study rooms may not be reserved for recurring classroom instruction.

Study rooms may be reserved by NU students, faculty, and staff.  Visitors cannot reserve study rooms. Visitors may use study rooms when they are not reserved or in use by NU community members.

Cancel reservations if you do not need them so that others may use the room. Library staff reserve the right to cancel your reservation if you are more than 15 minutes late and there are no other available study rooms.


Large study rooms have a computer, large screen monitor, wireless keyboard, wireless network access, dry erase markers, and a whiteboard.

Additional dry erase markers are available from the front desk.