When a student reports having trouble with printing a document, use the following steps to troubleshoot the problem:

  1. The first step should generally be to check the student’s printing account (even if they’re sure they have enough pages, etc.). You can view the student’s printing account from the front desk by using the Add Printing module (aka “My Printing Administration”).
    • Do they have enough pages on their printing balance?
    • Did they send the document to the wrong printer?
    • Did they recently add pages that were not recognized by the system? (If this is the case, you should see a “Balance Resolved” message somewhere on the page.)
  2. If everything looks good with the student’s printing account, check the printer queue on the front desk computer (Start menu –> Devices and Printers –> Select the printer you want to check).
    • There may be a large file that is taking a long time to load.
      • The Speech Lab Manual is notorious for this, and students print it off around the same time every semester.
    • If you see any documents “stuck” in the queue, try to restart them.
    • If the student is trying to print a file directly from their internet browser, have them download the file to the computer and try again.
    • If the student is trying to print a webpage, have them save the webpage as a PDF or XPS and print that file instead of printing from the browser.
    • If a document continuously fails to load, you may have to delete the print job. If the student has been charged for a document that fails to print, you can reprint it for them using the staff printer.
  3. If there are no print jobs stuck in the queue, check the printer itself for error messages.
    • Is there a printer jam?
    • Do any of the toner cartridges need to be replaced?
    • If you are unable to fix the printer problem, contact IT. The fastest way to get a response from them is to call (x5310). If no one answers, send a help request via email instead (
  4. If there are no apparent problems with the printer itself, make sure the student is logged in to the computer on their own account.
    • There have been multiple occasions when someone forgot to log off when they were done with a computer and the next person just sat down and started using it.
  5. When all else fails, have the student send their document to and use the staff printer.

Note: If a student wants a refund for a failed print job, they will need to email IT (

For widespread printing problems (ex., if Library Student Copier is completely broken), make sure to inform patrons and let them know what other available printing options they have. If the problem is not likely to be fixed right away, put up signage on the printer and/or at the library computers.

To check a student’s printing account to see information like their printing balance and history, you can use the “Add Printing” module (now called “My Printing Administration”):

First, log in using the account if you haven’t already.

Type in the student’s ID number (or their name if they can’t remember their number) and then click the Continue button.

You will see the student’s current printing balance on the next page. To view their full printing account and history, click the View Printing History button.

After a student purchases their parking permit, they are supposed to print out a temporary pass to display on their car dashboard until the regular permit is ready. The temporary pass is a webpage, so students who are on their laptops may need help printing.

Here are some solutions based on the browser the student is using:

Safari – Use the “Export to PDF” menu option, then print the PDF document using the Print Kiosk system.

Chrome – Use the “Print” menu option, then change the printer to “Save to PDF.” Print the PDF document using the Print Kiosk system.

Firefox – Use the “Print” menu option, then change the printer to Microsoft XPS Document Writer. Print the XPS document using the Print Kiosk system.

Internet Explorer – Use the “Print” menu option, then change the printer to Microsoft XPS Document Writer. Print the XPS document using the Print Kiosk system.

If, for some reason, the student is unable to save the webpage as a PDF or XPS document, they will have to save the webpage or take a screen capture, then email the file to themselves or save it on a USB drive so they can print it using one of the library computers.

Note: These instructions can also be used to help students print any webpage from their laptop, or if a student is having trouble printing a webpage on a library computer.

Students will often ask for help printing a tri-fold brochure or pamphlet. In order to make sure that the brochures or pamphlets print properly, have the student use the following settings:

From the Print menu, make sure Library Student Copier is selected. Then change the double-sided printing setting to Print on Both Sides РFlip pages on short edge.

Brochure Printing Settings

Then click on Printer Properties to adjust the color settings. In the Quality tab, choose Auto Color under Select Color. Then choose Photo under Color Settings.

Note: Changing the Color Settings to Photo doesn’t seem to always be necessary, but if a student reports that their brochure did not print in color, choosing Photo instead of Document seems to fix the problem.

Color Printing Settings


Follow the steps below if someone wants to print on a non-standard size of paper (i.e., something that cannot be auto-detected by the printer). NOTE: You should not need to do this for A3, A4, or other international standard sizes.

  1. Place the paper in the bypass tray.
  2. Log in to the Library Student Copier (it doesn’t matter who you log in as).
  3. Go into the Copy module.
  4. Tap the “Paper” icon.
  5. Select the bypass tray.
  6. Tap the “Change Tray Setting” icon.
  7. Choose the “Custom Size” option. (Note: this option cannot be selected unless the paper is in the bypass tray.)
  8. Place the paper on the glass and take its measurements, then put the paper back in the bypass tray.
  9. Enter the measurements. (Make sure you know which side is X and which side is Y.)
  10. Tap OK to save the measurements, then close all of the open windows.
  11. Log off.

Before sending the document to the printer, ensure that the paper size set on the computer matches the measurements entered for the bypass tray.

The paper tray does not need to be selected in Printer Properties. Library Student Copier will automatically detect that the bypass tray needs to be used for the custom-sized document.