Resources and Services for Online Course Developers and Instructors

Directing Students to Library Resources

Purchase Suggestions

The NU Library welcomes suggestions from course developers and instructors of materials that support the Northwest University curriculum, promote personal and professional development, and encourage lifelong learning.

Interlibrary Loan

The Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service allows you to request materials from other libraries that are not available in the NU Library collection.

Interlibrary loan of books and other physical items is currently only available for faculty who can travel to the Kirkland Campus. Articles may be requested through interlibrary loan regardless of physical location, and are delivered via email.

Critical Thinking Skills

The NU Library provides resources to help students evaluate sources of information, whether or not library resources are required for their assignments. Two methods of source evaluation available on the library website are The 5 Ws and the CARP Test.


The NU Library strives to promote information literacy and research skills by offering training and instructional support to faculty and students in classes that require research and/or library use.

The NU librarians are available to provide synchronous or asynchronous library/research instruction, develop research guides, assist in designing effective research assignments, and more. Please contact Clayton Visker, the Outreach Coordinator, at for further assistance.

Google Scholar Links to NU Library Content

You can get a much larger number of full-text results from Google Scholar by linking it to the NU Library. If you use Google Scholar while on campus, you will automatically see “Find at Northwest U” links next to article citations that you have full-text access to from the NU Library. You will need to follow these steps to use this feature from off-campus. You will still need to search the library directly to get access to books, eBooks, and the full collection of articles.

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