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In order to evaluate the criticisms of persons or groups legitimately related to the University who might wish to suggest censoring materials in the University library, and to establish a guideline for the acquisition of materials of a potentially controversial nature, the following is the policy of this library:

Requests for Reconsideration

Requests for reconsideration of material held by the library should be directed to the Library Director, who makes the final decision regarding selection and retention of library materials. Materials have been selected for inclusion in the library for specific purposes, among which is the representation of a wide variety of viewpoints providing exposure to the realities that exist in the subject areas included in the collection. Therefore, materials will not be removed simply because they might offend, but only if it can be shown that the rationale for selection or retention is in error.

It is the responsibility of the Library Director to respond to those who request removal of materials, to help them better understand the role of the library and the reasons for inclusion of the materials they object to. However, only written complaints will receive written responses. Those who are not satisfied with the Library Director’s response should address their complaint to the Academic Affairs Committee.