EBook Collections

EBooks vs Print Books

eBooks, when available, are preferred over print books with the following exceptions:

If the library owns a print copy of a title, the eBook may still be added via Demand Driven Acquisitions.

If the library owns an electronic copy of a title, the print copy may be obtained upon request via Interlibrary Loan.

For purchase suggestions, the title will be acquired in the requested format when available.

Ebsco Ebooks

ProQuest Demand Driven Acquisitions (DDA)

The DDA title list includes eBooks with a purchase price of $90 or less published within the last 3 years. Other titles may be added manually at the discretion of the librarians. When adding titles, both purchase price and short-term loan prices should be taken into consideration.

Non-owned titles are automatically purchased after 1 short-term loan.

Biblical Studies, textbooks and other high-use titles should be purchased outright to avoid short-term loan fees.

OverDrive DDA

OverDrive DDA ebooks.