Downloading Ebooks

Download or View Online?

OverDrive Ebooks

OverDrive ebooks provide the best reading experience for downloaded ebooks.

Desktop and Laptop users can read OverDrive ebooks in your web browser. Visit nu.overdrive.com

Kindle users should read Getting started with Kindle eReaders

Phone and Tablet App

  1. Install the OverDrive app from the App Store.
  2. Open the app
  3. If you get a page asking you to log in, click “Continue” at the very bottom of the first page
  4. Click the “Add a Title” or “Add a Library” box
  5. Search for “Northwest University”
  6. Choose “Northwest University” from the list on the next two screens


Login using your NU email address and password without @northwestu.edu

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OverDrive from the Public Library


Other Ebook Vendors

In addition to OverDrive, the library provides a large number of ebooks on the Ebsco and ProQuest platforms.  These ebooks are not as easy to use as the books from OverDrive and often provide a substandard reading experience compared to the OverDrive app.

Which EBooks Can be Downloaded

Not all books can be downloaded in their entirety.  Look for an icon like the ones below to see if a particular book can be downloaded.

Books that are not available for download may still allow you to save an individual chapter or range of pages as a PDF file for offline viewing.  Look for a “save” option to export a single chapter or range of pages to PDF.

Required Software

 Required Logins