General Collection

The General Collection contains most of the print monographs owned by the library.  The primary goal of the collection is to support the curriculum of the University.  Each branch library has a General Collection.


Selection is an interactive activity of the librarians and the faculty. Although the library liaison orders materials that are clearly relevant to the collection, faculty participation in selection decisions is needed and welcomed for materials in support of their teaching areas. Any member of the administration, faculty, staff, student body, or other users, may request or suggest that material be added to the collection by submitting it to a librarian or through a patron driven selection tool. The final selection of library materials will be determined by the Library Director, who is ultimately responsible for the management of the library budget.

Purchase on Demand

Items requested though Interlibrary Loan that meet normal collection development criteria will be considered for automatic purchase at the discretion of the library.  Items procured through Purchase on Demand will be added to the General Collection.


Not Collected